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Not even I know who i am full well, but I will try to explain as well as i can what i do know. I am a girl. I fight depression, and social anxiety. More than anything I want to lose weight. This is my attempt to start over. Youll get to know me as you read the anectodes of my life.

martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Dear Katie

My answer to your last comment got a bit long so I decided tomake a post out of it haha

First of all, Thanks !
The series I talked about is about a place called Storybrook where farytale characters are trapped because of a curse I think and noone knows who they really are haha. My friend recomended it to me ill give it a shot.
If you wanna try it out with me too heres a link to wach them online xD


I guess I do recomend my fast becasue it seemed to end well for me. I mean I was really hungry most of the time, but isnt that kind of the point?  I havent been able to weigh myslef yet, but I can definetly FEEL a difference in me, i dont know.
If you decide to do it let me know how it goes for you ^^

I will be going to my mothers house next weekend so I can weigh myself then, and Ill let you all know ^^

Thank you so much for your support and always stay strong <3

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  1. Awe, I have a post dedicated to me =) This made me happy. I'm glad you feel lighter and better =) I might have to check the series out. With my busy schedule, it may be a bit to get started. I love reading your blog hun. Keep up all the hard work!