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Not even I know who i am full well, but I will try to explain as well as i can what i do know. I am a girl. I fight depression, and social anxiety. More than anything I want to lose weight. This is my attempt to start over. Youll get to know me as you read the anectodes of my life.

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Im back again!

Im sorry i dissapeared without notice for a few days, its been terribe. I had some re-sits and when i had exams 3 days in a row I got a hotel and stayed there those 3 days.
One the first day I came down from my hometown all the way to my university , and that is a 5 hour bussride. Then I got of the long distance bus and walked for half an hour to a local busstop and got a nother (10 minute) bus that left me at the university. I did the exam, and after that, I met up with my friend who has to re-sit exactly the same ones as I have to (M. Ive mentioned her before) and we got a ride from another of our classmates to the hotel where M and I were both staying. That day was on calorie wise. I had

- 1 small bowl of cereal with fully skimmed milk
- 1 esspresso
- 1 small ham and cheese sandwich

The second day though, was terrible.

I didnt eat anything since the small sandwich the day before exept for an Esspresso, and it was 16:00.
I was feeling light and floaty with lightheadedness and caffene and then we went for a walk outside.
We ended up in PizzaHut where she ordered for me as I said I didnt really want anything and aparently she wasnt buying that. She got me

- 1 Mediun Barbacue pizza
- 1 large coke

I wasnt gonna eat it.
I was going to pick at it and leave it, through some for the birds.
But of course, I was starving and the minute the smell hit me I was bingeing. Eating Way too much way too fast. A whole pizza.
I felt so disgusting, the calories entering my system and layers of fat coating my bones...

As soon as I got back to my hotel room I purged, but I only managed to throw up about half the pizza and it was sticcky and hard...
Obviously i didnt eat anything else that day.

And now its the 3rd day I did my last exam and im on the 5 hour bussride back home.
I hope this post doesnt get screwed up like the last one i tried to post.

I love you all
Stay strong and keep breathing

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  1. Hope your exams went well! Done worry about the pizza - you got half up and didn't eat after it, so im sure that's not enough calories to make a real differance to your weight :) and well don't for day one!
    Lottie x