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Not even I know who i am full well, but I will try to explain as well as i can what i do know. I am a girl. I fight depression, and social anxiety. More than anything I want to lose weight. This is my attempt to start over. Youll get to know me as you read the anectodes of my life.

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Diets and motivation

These last couple of days Ive been prectically starving myself. This is what ive eaten in two days:
2 Oranges
2 Apples
1 Coffee + Milk

Thats it. But I dont really know what im doing. There is no meal plan and I hate not knowing what im soposed to be doing. I am very organised and I like to set myself goals and rules so I started to look about online. I saw this video on youtube and it sounds like somehting I could really do so Im gonna go for it !

Sounds so good and DID you see her flat stmach @__@ wow. She is a total inspiration for me and she is so funny. So. If i want to have a diet like hers I need a shopping list:

- Individual cup blender. Omgosh I am in love with that thing, I need one @_@ Im gonna look for one on eBay because it will come really in handy for me.
- Frozen Berries. 
- Protien powder
- Bananas.
- Spinach leaves.
- Lettuce.
- Nuts.
- Carrots
- Frozen Vegetables
- Lots of Tea. I actually have a cute little filter to clasp loose tea leaves in it instead of using the teabags. Its pretty new so i havent been able to use it yet. Cant wait ^^
- Oranges
- Apples
- Red peppers
- Green Peppers
- Vegetable soup

 These are things which must always be in my kitchen cupboard and fridge. Always.

Breakfast would consist on a smothie with Protein Powder, Frozen Berries, Bananas and Juice
I was thinking of adding an apple to my breakfast too but ive decided that ill just keep that for snacks to keep my metabolism boosted up or whatever.
Lunch will be a salad or a small soup, just like Jennas
And Dinner will consist mostly of fruit salads, cos I can never get enough of those :)

I feel that this is really possible. And that its a responsable and viable way to lose weight indeed.

As for working out, im a great fan of working out in my own room. I hate going to the gym as I am painfully self concious that people are waching me and judging me and seeing what im going wrong. I much rather stick to my pilated videos and do them at home. Here are some of my favourites:

Cassey Ho Victoria Secret Workouts:

Pilates Bootcamp on Live Strong Woman
Fabulous Flat Abs for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho 
Kill That Muffin Top for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful and very motivating plan sweetie. I love my tea pot for loose tea. It makes drinking tea that much more desirable. I wish you luck on your new diet hun.

    1. Thanks hun ^^ I love redinig your comments, they make me so happy <3