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Not even I know who i am full well, but I will try to explain as well as i can what i do know. I am a girl. I fight depression, and social anxiety. More than anything I want to lose weight. This is my attempt to start over. Youll get to know me as you read the anectodes of my life.

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Clothes and Food

I keep meaning to write, but then I stare at the blank page for ages. And then I give up
So here I am.
I had some extra money left from christmas and so on my way back from the school where Im getting experience I went shopping. Everything is on Super Sales so i got a really good deal. I got two tops for 3 euros each that are my "motivation tops" they are lovely, one is gray and the other one is a deep red colour and Im only alowed to wear them once I drop at least 2 kilos.
similar to this one <3 but with a wider neck
I also got another two tops which I shall wear in the summer once its hot again. They are beautiful, sort of loose and breezy and the kind that hangs off your shoulders and looks amazing with collarbones <3

http://www.shana.com/en/ That is the shop where I get all my favourite tops <3 

Now, on other topics, food-wise i feel ive done pretty good. This is my routine.
Get up at 7am. 
Get ready, grab an apple and leave by 7:50
Call my mother at 8:00
Arive at work at 8:50 /8:40 (ive been getting there faster lately)
Work untill 2pm. (with a piece of fruit at the 11 o'clock break, other wise nothing)
On my way back home, grab a Coca cola Zero
Eat lunch at 3pm (salad + fruit salad or pasta )
And thats it

I think im doing pretty well, as well as walking almost 2 hours every day plus workouts. None the less Im maintaining. I have weighed 57.9 kg since last friday and Ive weighed myself every single day.
That is waaaay to close to 60kg for comfort.....

I heard a teacher say she weighed 48kg today.
Also Im craving pizza and chocolate. Good thing im broke.
Ive just spent the last 45 minuted inhailing the smell of pizza that my flatmate was cooking and eating.

Im sorry if im a bit scattered and incoherent today, Im really tired....

I love you all so so much my sweethearts, I hope you are feeling good today
Lots of love<3


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Im obsessed with skinny legs.... Please may I have some?

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  1. It sounds like your daily schedule seems to be working well for you my dear. I understand your obsession with skinny legs. I'm having major issues with mine here lately. They are gigantic. I miss you sweetie.